Jason Darryl Smith
Top 10 movies...as I see
10. Tremors - Tacky but terrific
9. Glory Daze - We should all have been so lucky
8. Return of the Jedi - Empire hust can't hang
7. The Goonies - Don't ya miss youth?
6. Aliens - Stands amongst no others of it's kind
5. Amazing Grace and Chuck - What u say? See it!
4. Good Will Hunting - Ben n Matt...nuff said
3. Patton - A real life comic book hero
2. Beautiful Girls - sux to be so close to my life
1. The Great Escape - "cooler...20 days"
Why Marino?...
...because 13 is, was and will always be a QB.
Dan Marino was his name
and 3rd and long was his game
under moonlight mondays
and through sunday heat
1 man alone
made the dolphins tough to beat
upon his arm
the team lived and died
don't dare blitz him
defensive coordinators cried
dolhins ball
down by 6
2 minutes left
get your crusifix
the man with no rings
some might say that's his reign
but as the Quarterbacks king
he'll have have a whole wing at the Hall of Fame
and as he walked away on weathered knees and hip
he still believed
he could still throw a ball
threw a battleship
F' Elian
F' the Knicks
F' all u New Yorkers
F' all u spicks

F' my landlord
F' your's too
F' all landlords
F' their rules

F' Marylin Manson
F' Boy Goerge
and most of all F' Hanson
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